Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ready for Society?

Look below for the weekly update on all the kiddos.

On Friday I found myself with a couple of hours to kill between dropping off my garage sale items and the time when I could shop. Hours of alone time on my hands and one of the coolest outdoor malls in the area is right down the road. Oh I was so there. As I got closer, I realized several things

1. I was not dressed for the upscale area the mall was in. I was dressed for garage saling. And who am I kidding, even if I would have known I was going to go there before I left there is nothing in my closet I could fit into anyway that would be appropriate for the area.

2. All I really wanted to do was drive around and listen to music or...take a nap.

3. I was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of getting out at these upscale stores and even browsing. Not just because my clothes, but because it has been, literally about 6 months since I stepped foot into a store that didn't have anything to do with feeding my family, babies, or outfitting myself for after babies.

As funny as it sounds, I was almost unsure on how to function in society. I know that sounds really dumb, but I have been out of it so long with my pregnancy and the girls. I ended up driving around and around the mall. I finally decided on stopping at The Gap because I had a gift card and Bath and Body Works that was right next door and I had a great coupon. As I drove back around I told myself I would stop if there was a parking place. As I passed in front of the stores I saw one going to other direction so I flipped a bitch, and went to get my great space. The car right in front of me took it! And so I just kept going, now discouraged and losing the small confidence I had.

I did end up going into a little shop that was out of the main hustle of the mall. Guess what it was; a toy shop. ::sigh::

When will I get my shopaholic tendencies back??? I am sure Gary hopes I won't.


Deb said...

I lost mine some time ago, and they've never come back. It's all overrated anyway. Shop online, it's better for the lazy in me (lol)

More Than Just a Mommy said...

It will come back, it might take a while! I still don't like going to places other than kohles, target and the food shopping oh and who can forget the loved hobby lobby!!