Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School Woes part 2

There were more tears today. His stomach hurt, his head itched, I am going to the dr today for some meds for my own head, so he thought he might want to get in on that. We talked to him about the fact that it is against the rules not to go to school. He is a big rule follower. One time we were having a great time pushing him on a luggage cart when he caught sight of the little sign that said not to, you know the one where there is a picture of someone riding it with a big red line through it? Yeah, he hopped right off. He was not going to break the rules. He asked if it was against the rules for him to go and then come home after lunch (at 11:00). Little negotiator.

He actually said this morning that he wished he was a baby. Oh lordy! I didn't know it could come to that!! We talk all the time about how I love that he is a big kid so he can play with me and help me cook (he loves that!). He can talk and tell me what's wrong with him. He can play outside. I pointed out that the babies had to come home from Great Wolf Lodge and he got to stay and have fun. The list goes on and on. He asked me once if I missed him being a baby, but I said that I loved him when he was a baby but I was sure glad he was a big kid now, for all the above reasons.

I need advice ya'll. I know he has to go. He knows he has to go. But it is so hard for both of us. I hate that he is hurting and he hates to be away from me and the babies. What can I do to make it better for him? Seriously, I need your help. Ideas!! Advice!! Help!!


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Hon---hang in there...
Sounds like you are saying all the very right things...and our twins (on varied occasions) both had the occasional tears and expressed the desire to be "a baby and stay home and have fun with Mommy." I think it is probably FAR more typical than we realize.

I WOULD check in with the teacher...for your own peace of mind and to bring him/her into the loop re: bullies/anxiety etc., but chances are (and I hope) it is just that sad realization that even though there are great pleasures in getting older, so too things "pass away." They're just old enough to express it now!

If it helps, ours just turned 7, and it happens VERY VERY rarely now...but when someone has to stay home for strep etc., after a snippet of the "old days" of staying home, the getting them to go back is also companioned with the desire to be a baby again!

Hang in there...those newborn days aren't the only hard ones, huh?

Keeping good thoughts!

Deb said...

honey there is not much you can do but to ride it out. he will get better at wanting to go, i'm sure he is just homesick through the day for you and the girls. maybe make some extra time for him with or without the girls after school. it may be something for him to look forward to.
first grade is hard in general cause it is so much more structured than kindergarten. it will get better though, just give it some time.

Jennifer said...

Is there any way you and the girls could eat lunch with him?

Heather said...

Oh Sara, I am sorry. The poor little guy is breaking my heart and he isn't mine. I don't really have any advice since I am not at that stage yet. But I do agree, I would check in again with the teacher to see if there is anything going on in school. It sounds though, like he just misses his mommy and sisters. I wish I could tell you a way to fix it. (((hugs)))

The Wilsons said...

Sara--Sorry! I don't have much advice either. I think the things you are doing sound like they should really be helping, and hopefully this is just a phase that he will get over. Is there anyway your DH could watch the twins some night or this weekend so the two of you could spend some one-on-one time together???

Harris Boys said...

I have no idea either sara...I wish I did. I like jennifer's idea about lunch?

I hope things get better, but since there is a school woes part 3, I'm not sure!