Monday, September 15, 2008

School Woes

He didn't want to go to school today. There were tears. Silent as they streamed down his face as he looked at me imploring that I not make him go.


Why does life have to be so hard on the little six year old? And why do I have to enforce the rules? Gary is convinced that he just misses me and the babies. And he does, I know he does, but is that all? First grade is a big change from Kinder. The work is harder. There is more sitting at the desks and such. Is his teacher nice to him? Are there bullies? But it probably does boil down to the fact that I am home with the girls and he is not. He is jealous of them because they get me...and probably jealous of me that I get them all day too.

You know, there had to come a day when there was a snag. An adjusting period of sorts, because really it has been smooth sailing until now. There was never any kind of jealousy at all, no kind of period of adjustment at all. He says it is harder than he thought it would be. He thought we just had to rock them :-) So I am not really surprised that it has come to this.

But it does make my heart hurt.



Doubly Blessed said...

I'm a first grade teacher and I know that a lot of kids have to adjust like you were saying. He will be great!

Harris Boys said...

oh goodness...that has to be hard. I'm sure he would rather be at home with you and the girls. I hope he adjusts quickly! hugs to him!