Friday, August 29, 2008

Coming up soon

Friday update is coming. The girls slept in 3 hour stretches today. Can you say blissful sleep for me also? I am working on it :-) I have two month stats and some pretty great pictures.


twins + 2 more = 4 girls said...

well lets see them already!!

Harris Boys said...

3 hr stretches....YAY girls!!!!

what are you doing for nathan's fund? I want to send in a quilt piece, but not sure where to look?

thanks sara!

Deb said...

You know what?'s Saturday. Did I miss the Friday update altogether? Where did it go?

Nit said...

Hello...thanks for stopping by my blog (babymakin101) ~

Congrats on the blissful sleep :)

Take care!

Harris Boys said...

hey sara. I upload my pics to shutterfly and I use their shutterfly studio to make collages. I also use scrapblog for my headers...I'm pretty sure you use that site too.