Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Check In

Things are really hopping around here with back to school and two still fussy girls. There are not a lot of pictures this week because we have been so freakin busy trying to keep these two little darlings happy.

(along with Olivia making a cameo appearance)

My sweet Abby has turned into a smiley girl this week! She is smiling more and more and she cooed at me for the first time this week. Her little smile lights up her whole face. She loves the swing and will sit in the bouncer for a good while before wanting to be picked up. She goes from 0 - 90 with her crying when she wants something. She also HATES to be dirty. I mean, it is instant crying after she poops. It doesn't matter that she is not finished. As soon as you wiped her up she continues to go like a little poop factory. We have switched to Soy so that maybe her gas will be better and it is! She still has a meltdown every night around 8:00. Only Daddy can calm her :-)

My poor baby is sick.

She has a stuffed up nose and doesn't really want to eat much. She is sleeping a lot more and just feels yucky. She is not cooing yet, but is smiling more and more. They both are getting really good at holding their heads up. They just look right at us when we talk to them. She still likes to be held...a lot. But her cries don't get serious unless I am busy with Abigail. She just kind of cries softly a little bit then stops to see if I are coming to get her, then tries again. She talks more with her cries. She also likes the swing but only if she is in the mood. She loves it when I sing to her. She also has a meltdown around the same time as Abigail every night. It makes for a LONG evening in our house. Soy has not helped her as much with her fussiness but I can't imagine trying to have 2 different formulas for them, but we may have to do that.

And in case you are wondering about the wrap that Olivia is in. It is a Moby Wrap and it is sent from heaven above! I will talk more about it in my post about product reviews.

I have not lost any more weight, but I guess it is because I am not doing anything. :-) Oh well, I can fit into my shorts from last summer, so I guess I am doing ok.

Ok here are my list of posts I will post in the next few days.
1. the grass fire (finally)
2. product reviews
3. Great Wolf Lodge trip
4. My coupon plan to save money

I am setting a goal :-)

I will leave you with a picture of what our mini-fridge looks like stocked up for the nighttime. That is a lot of milk!!


P.S. I got through this whole post non-stop. I didn't have to get up once to tend to my sleeping babies. Wow! Maybe it is getting better :-)

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