Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell

I had a true full circle moment on Friday.

We were blessed to have our friend Sarah be able to take Z, along with her kids to Vacation Bible School this past week. He loved it. He brought home all kinds of goodies that he made and stories about things he did. Then the whole group put on a play for the last day. We sat and watched as he sang along to all the songs he learned this week and memories of my own VBS experiences welled up inside me. If I listened closely enough I could almost hear strands of "It's the B-I-B-L-E, that's the book for me..." and flashes of me gluing popsicle sticks together to make a cross. Plus, when I was a teenager I was the one up there doing the little plays for the kids every day. There was about 3 years three where me and two friends, Bryan and Keven, were the actors in the drama skits everyday for the kids. I was a time traveling adventure girl one year, and then a visitor on a farm, and then...hmmm...can't remember that last one or was it the first one. Oh well, we had so much fun and it just brought it all back.

He's in the red shorts

But even more than the memories was the overwhelming realization that my son was up there singing...about his God being real and how we should live his son. son. It was not just hormones that had tears coming to my eyes. It was one of those moments where if you are still enough, you can feel the earth shift. At least your own little world. I just sat and savored it. That moment. And when he looked over at me and heart just swelled up with pride for him. These are the moments that matter. In all the chaos of this life, this is what I am here for; to love and care for my children and guide them to make good decisions and live a life for the Lord. And there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing.



Linda said...

What a beautiful post!!!

Deb said...

Amen Sara! Amen!

Harris Boys said...

awwww love this post!!!!! sniff sniff