Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Form of Torture

You know, us new moms always say that sleep deprivation should be a form of torture. Well, I have found a new one.






a half.


It was brutal people. If I had known any national security secrets they would have been seriously gone if someone would have promised she would stop. There were a few breaks in there, like when she went to sleep...and then spit up...all over herself. Gary and I passed her back and forth when we needed a break or Abigail needed something. She was horse (hoarse?) she cried so much. At first I felt bad for her. Babies don't cry for no reason right? But dang if after hours I just wanted her to be quiet!! And go to sleep!! So I could go to sleep. Finally at 11:40, she finally...finally went to sleep and stayed asleep.

Of course, she is her sunshiny self this morning. And we are the walking dead. is my coffee...



The Wilsons said...

Awww sweetie...I remember those nights. Hopefully they will become fewer and fewer!

Linda said...

Oh no......I have SO been there and feel your pain. I PROMISE you it will get better. Just tell yourself that over and over and try all the techniques from Happiest Baby on the block. They helped us. HANG IN THERE!

Deb said...

Holy crap! 3 1/2 hours is brutal. I have to say though that i did laugh about the national security secrets. sorry to laugh at your expense honey - couldn't help it.

Harris Boys said...

coffee does wonders, huh?

it does get better...I know we all say that, but its true!