Friday, August 1, 2008

Updates on the girls

~~Just so you can see what life is like with twins,
I will be giving a play by play of what is happening while I am typing this post~~

~Started at 2:25 on Friday afternoon~

And Introducing...
Fuss Bucket 1 and Fussy Bucket 2

Oh my we are going through a stage in here, people! They are so much more awake now and want to be twizzled with (as my mom puts it) and if they are not, look out!!

~went to get Olivia, I am feeding her and typing at the same time~

They sleep a good 3 hours at night, but we are lucky to get more than 30 mins out of them during the day in any one stretch. They are starting to enjoy their floor time under their playmat and they actually watch the circling animals over their swing now, but not for very long. They soon realize no one is messing with them and start to cry. They follow us with their eyes when we come and go. Abigail actually laughed at Z the other night! Olivia has smiled at both Gary and me (Gary first, but she will say Mama first :-)

Here is Olivia enjoying her mat

Olivia has decided that she does not want to go to sleep at night (and sometimes during the day) without screaming, yes, that darling has some lungs on her, screaming for a bottle to be put into her mouth so she can go to sleep. I am trying to nix that bad habit right now, but another MOM suggested "Whatever works!! Just let them sleep so you can!" Ok, I can see how that is good advice.

Here they are actually sleeping at the same time today, for about 15 mins

~Went to check on Abigail who is sleeping. She cried, but went back to sleep before I got there. Still feeding Olivia, stopping to burp her now~

~2:40 Back with Olivia drinking again (and pooping) It's hard to do 2 things at once. Her, I mean. They have the hardest time pooping and eating. They can't figure out which is more important~

So they cry a lot more now to be held. They know someone is here to hold them, never mind there is another baby here too. Olivia has this 6th sense of when I am about to put her down to get Abigail cause she starts it up the minute I go to put her down!

~2:48 Back from checking Olivia's drawers. No poop, but she is grunting up a storm so I am expecting it any minute now. She is now hanging out on her Boppy. Abigail is asleep. I get to type with two hands!~

It is especially hard when both of them want to be held at the same time. I hold both, but they somehow know that my attention is split because neither one can stand it when they are held together.

~3:02 Went to change Olivia's clothes. She spit up all over her outfit. Checked to make sure Abby's breathing. She is actually sleeping more than 20 mins! Holding Olivia as I type~

I am going to go back now and add pictures

~3:05 Laid Olivia down because she is out, went to the bathroom~
~3:08 Went to get Olivia because she woke up crying~
~3:10 Olivia out again. Let's try the swing this time. Abigail starting to wake up~
~3:12 Olivia settled in swing~

Have only added 2 pictures. Going back to add more

~3:19 Abigail now up and eating. Olivia still asleep in swing. Typing one handed again~

Added 3 pictures, now going back to edit and arrange

~3:26 Abigail still drinking and going back to sleep~

We try not to hold them more than we need to but it is hard when they get so sad at being left alone. I don't think babies at this age can be spoiled but they can def get used to being held all the time.

~3:35 stopped to burp Abigail. She is out after only a snack of 2 oz~

For the first time this week I find myself able to get through the day without pain meds. I have turned a corner most definitely. I am so relieved. I am still super tired but I can think clearer, or more clearly...whatever, without the pain always there. I have actually started doing laundry and dishes in between bottles and changes instead of just sitting and resting.

~3:44 stopped to lay Abigail down. She woke right up and wanted more to eat so back at computer with Abigail still eating. Olivia is grunting from the other room~

~3:47 Abigail out again after about another oz. Olivia starting to wake up~

Have a lot more to say, but this post has beat me down in the last hour and a half. Dang, has it really taken me that long to post these few words?


I leave you with a sweet pic that I don't have the energy to blog about. Time for another cup of coffee.



Cheryl Lage said...

Bless you! Those early days have been captured so artfully in this post! Enjoy that coffee, and thanks for coming by my blog!
(Like you, I'm glad not to be in college anymore, too!)

Deb said...

that was a nice post - kind of a look into your daily life from your perspective. while i'm sure your exhausted, it sounds like/seems like you have it going on pretty well.

Linda said...

Ugh, I remember those days VERY well. You're doing a great job. They're so needy when they're tiny I know.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Great post...I am linking this to my blog so my family can get an idea of what a day is like with twins!

Harris Boys said...

I remember those days like they were'll love looking back on this post in about a year and thinking wow I did all that! stay strong sweetie!