Saturday, August 23, 2008

MOM Blog

Our Nest message board has decided to get Oprah's attention by posting our stories in a blog. Since it is celebrity style to have twins now, we think she needs to have a favorite things show for us MOMs (mothers of multiples) that have to do it all by ourselves with no nanny, chef, personal trainer, and all that money to buy the best multiples equipment.

We are also going to take it from the angle of us on the message board being such great friends even though we don't know each other in real life. Wouldn't it be great for us all to get to go to the show and meet each other!?

We know it is a far reach but they looking for mom stories, so we said what the hey.

Here is my story. So go check us out and offer some encouragement. I will keep you updated on the happenings of it.


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Harris Boys said...

that would be so exciting if oprah had us all on :)

I need to put together my story and then sit down for about 5 hrs to read