Monday, August 18, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

We went to Great Wolf Lodge last week. My nephews birthdays are in July so they chose to go there to celebrate. The rest of the family decided to tag along. Well, everyone but my dad, the party pooper. We had a great time. It is only about 45 mins away from us.

It is a hotel that has a water park inside it. It is open year 'round so we might go back in January when the thought of swimming is especially enticing. You pull up to these huge wolves that tower over the opening of the doors. Very cool. The lobby is breath taking with its rustic feeling. There is a huge tree house looking thing with a big fireplace next to it. Did a get pictures of these wondrous things? Of course! Did they turn out? Of course not! The pictures are all dark and crap. Only a few turned out. I have already tried to fix them, but I can't figure it out.

The room key is one of those bracelets that snap onto your wrist so you don't lose your key. Pretty clever, I say. The room itself was super cool with a log cabin inside for the kids. Z called the top bunk immediately.

There are arcades, gift shops, candy shops, and other money pits for parents to spend money in. The whole atmosphere is geared toward kids, of course. Each floor is a different theme like woody forests, or fairy land, or treetop for the top floor (Yea, I know. Clever, huh).

The water park was pretty fun too. And can I just say that I wish I could wear a sign that says "I had twins 7 weeks ago"? I know I look pretty good for having twins 7 weeks ago, but dang if people there didn't know that and I just looked huge! I know I shouldn't care what people think, but...well...I do. There were several slides that were pretty crazy. There was one that you could ride with someone in a double tube. Z and I rode together after we talked him into it. He wasn't too sure about it. Usually during a ride we hoop and holler all the way through it, but he was silent on this one. A sure sign that he was freaked out. There was a huge drop off that emptied us out in this huge bowl thing, kinda like a toilet. We went round and round until getting "flushed" down another tube. Great fun! He loved it after we got off. He also loved the wave pool. He spent most of the day there. Then there was one slide that we had to climb a massive amount of stairs to get to. I was seriously out of breath when I got to the top. Like, embarrassingly out of breath. Again, I wanted to say, "I had surgery 7 weeks ago to remove two children that I have been carrying around for 9 months, so I am a little out of shape here, but don't mind me...really...I am fine..."

And to top it all off there is a little something called Magic Quest. Ahhh...the Cha-chinging of the $$ is all I hear. And of course my little dude had to do it. It is where you go and buy a wand. Then you go on quests around the hotel to find different things so you can earn points and such. You pay for the wand, the game, then an add-on to the wand if you want. Well, we wanted, of course. We ended up shelling out about $45 to play this silly little thing. After getting the hang of it, we actually had a blast doing it all. You race around pointing your wand at pictures, chests, and props. They talk back to you and then you race to the next one, usually on another floor. That was the thing. You went to the 5th floor, then the 2nd, then back up to the 6th. It literally took us about 5 hours to complete this thing and by golly we where going to complete it!!

We took the girls and they spent the night but then my mom took them home so we could enjoy a day at the water park. They had their usual melt down and ended up in the bed with us on their Boppys. Abigail fought and fought sleep. We finally got her to go to sleep at one point. I tip-toed over to the Pack-n-Play to check on them and Abigail was just laying there staring up at me with her big eyes wide awake. It was pretty funny.

All in all a great time. We can't wait to go back :-)



Deb said...

that sounds like fun. i have been wanting to take the kids to the Magic Quest here but GAW could it be any more money??!! I just dont wannt have to take out a second mortgage on the house to do something fun with someone elses kids. not that i dont love them mind you, but no way man!

Linda said...

Awww that sounds like a LOT of fun. We have one of those near us too. Maybe when the kids are older. Glad you had a good time!