Friday, August 1, 2008

Weight Loss Update

Oh, the yummy creamy goodness that is this Snow Ice Cream flavored snowcone treat! It is crunchy, slurpy, runny yumminess from the first bite to the last. Followed close behind are the flavors Bahama Mama, Fuzzy Navel, and Blue Hawaiian.

(and yes that is coffee I enjoy a little coffee with my cream and sugar)

So this is what has been my diet for the past week or so. I may grab a sandwich here or there and dinner, but only because Gary cooks it. I used to never drink coffee, maybe a cup here or there. Then when I worked for Dickinson, I started getting these Vanilla Latte things from Diam.ond Sha.mrock. It couldn't even be called coffee because it was so full of flavor. It was probably about 15 of the 30 pounds I gained after I got married. Just those stupid coffees alone. Since I am downing about 3 cups a day, you would think I would be gaining. All this sugar and snack grabbing must be bad, but it seems not because I am down 2 more pounds. 2 more pounds people!!

30 - 3 = 27 more to go to my goal of getting rid of my IVF weight.

And might I just say that the human skin is freaking amazing. I mean, seriously, you have seen the pictures of how huge my skin was stretched. I really and truly thought I would never be the same. I mean, how could I be, right??

Well, I am by no means back to normal, but I can definitely see the potential for normalcy. I thought I would be just a huge saggy mess.

Think a.nd Ka.te plus 8 kind of thing, because my dear friends, at my biggest I was as big around as she was when she delivered. Yes!! I know! But I was. We were watching one night (the one with her getting the tummy tuck) and John said that she measured 54 inches around at delivery. I sputtered to Gary, "But that's what I am now!" and I only had 2 in there, people, not the litter of 6 that she had. And then when they showed her tummy, I just about lost it. Not because it was so bad on her, but I was not going to get a free tummy tuck, right?? I could just see what it was going to be like for me. I must make a note here: Kate was straight out in front like a bullet. My 54 inches was more around and obviously not all baby, since I didn't have 6!

So I was not expecting greatness afterwards. Surprisingly, I am not a saggy mess. Whoo-hoo!! AND when I get to start working out, it will be all the better. Whew! Ummm...yes, I will workout. In between the bottles, , burping, changing, spitting up, pooping, rocking, and a little bit of sleeping that is my life.



Deb said...

the new mommy of twins diet, it sounds like you may be on to something (hehe).
i wish i could get one of them there free tummy tucks. i love that show. one of my favs.

Deb said...

oh and i am now an officially crappy bloggy friend. i didn't even say


seriously good job with the weight loss..keep it going!