Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Updates

We are doing better (knocking on wood). The girls went to the school yesterday and were perfect angels. Of course, my friend Casee declared that they just love being around her. And it's true :-) So Casee, why don't you quit your teaching job and be our nanny. Can I pay you? Nope! But you get to care for these two beauties and be around me all day. What do you say, hmmm??

Can I just tell you what has made the most difference? These two things right here...

Yep, the swing and the bouncer. The realization that when they are super fussy, screaming, red faced, if I put Abigail into the swing and Olivia into the bouncer...they calm down. Huh? What?? I KNOW!! The Lord truly knows what he is doing to create two little girls who can be calmed by not being in my arms. Am I grateful? Yes, truly! Am I happy about it? Umm...not really. You see, I am used to being what calms babies down. Especially my own. For them to scream in my arms and calm when I put them down is a little stinging to my heart, but whatever makes for happy babies, right?

Another thing that has made the difference? Right here...

Lactose-free formula seems to be doing the trick. And yes, people, that will last us 4 days. What? What is that you say? Powered formula is cheaper and will last longer? Neh, neh, I say. Well, at least about the price. See those little red stickers on the cans? Those are clearance tags. 1 can for $4.54 instead of $6.59. Plus, I have a way to beat the system so I got all these cans for $1.32. No, that is no typo. One dollar and thirty two cents. How? Mmm...I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. And no, no sexual favors or bribes were involved.

Ok here are updates on each girl

She has not done as well on this formula. But she really didn't like the taste of the Soy formula and she wouldn't drink a whole lot at one sitting so...we are adding juice to her diet twice a day. We'll see how this goes. She has the most expressive face. She makes all these faces. Especially when she is waking up. I tried to capture some of them. Right in the middle of it all was...

her first real smile

She is also really starting to love to cuddle. Again, especially after she wakes up. She just buries her little head in my neck and sometimes goes back to sleep. My little snuggle bunny!

And just how big are the eyes?

Some other funny expressions

Future Olympian
(please ignore the "death warmed over" look I have going on)

She is smiling full huge smiles now and cooing a little more. She smiled really big at Zachary yesterday. Here favorite new place is on my shoulder.

I captured her smiling a little smile here

And another smile for Z here

This is how she usually looks though, poor little thing but I do think it is getting better.

Some other cute expressions of her

Z says it looks like I have shrunk down to a baby since he thinks she looks like I did as a baby. She is seriously asleep here after crying for about 30 mins. I finally just laid her on my pillow and patted her bottom until she fell asleep.

Wow a huge long post! It took me literally all day to do between all the other things going on here. I have to say I am looking forward to the first day of school.



Deb said...

as usual, i love the pics. they are getting sooo big! is it time for me to have one yet? (lol)

Linda said...

Yay for the bouncy and swing!!! They're lifesavers! I love Olivia's smile and Abigail's big eyes. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You know that I would come be a Nanny for you. They love me!!!!! One of us needs to hit the lotto!