Friday, November 14, 2008

Brag About Friday

Yes, I am here to brag again.

I am working on getting a button for "Brag About Fridays" then you can all join me in bragging about anything you want; your kids, your housework, your shopping finds, your diet, the fact you got out of bed this morning! Everything is worth a brag. I might even put up a Mr. Linky if I have enough people who want to join in.

I am also working on a "Purse Dump" button cuz can't we all use a good purse dump some days?

So here we go...

Abby rolled from her back to her front yesterday!! Yay, Abby! She sleeps on her side now and I don't think it will be too much longer before she is sleeping on her tummy with her little butt in the air. I LOVE little butts in the air! She is feeling much better, but her teeth are sore sore. I can feel them working their way through. And she just chews and chews on anything, but especially her little hands. She blows raspberries all the time and just talks and coos and screeches when she watches us. And her hair if finally growing a bit on top.

Olivia wants to stand up! When she is laying down and I pull her little hands, she straightens her little legs and stands right up. She arches her back when we come to her to be picked up. She wants to see the world and doesn't really like to lay down anymore to play. She lifts up her head and tries her hardest to sit up on her own. Her teeth are also sore but still have aways to go until they come in. She has started playing on her own for more than 5 minutes!! This is a huge step for her since she is so needy. Her hair is also getting thicker and thicker on top.

Now for Zachary

He dug into his watermelon last night.

And he!

He is feeling so much better. He is bouncing off the walls. And pretty much driving us crazy.

Do you have something to brag about? Blog about it, then let me know so I can read along.



Amy said...

Awww, they are so cute. You have beautiful children Sara! :o)

NikkiPM said...

I think that by the look on Abby's face.....she is just wanting you to dig out Flowers in the Attic so she can read it!.....hee hee hee!

Soxy Deb said...

Absolutely cute!! And I would eat the heck out of that watermelon too. Way to go Z!!

rachael said...

love this post...what a great idea! you have definitely earned some bragging rights :)

Annie said...

The girls look so cute. Wow, Zachary ate a whole melon.

Harris Boys said...

sara, the girls are just adorable. so glad your son is feeling better.

how's the teething??

Sara said...

Teething is better with some moments of screaming. Abby's should be poking through any day now.