Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's in your wallet?

jill jill bo bill dumped her purse and tagged everyone reading, which is me right? I mainly did this out of curiosity's sake. Just what is in my purse? Well...I'll tell ya. It's not pretty. Plus, I just cleaned it out a few weeks ago AND I don't carry it everyday because I have no life and the only place I go without a diaper bag is the grocery store. So it would be worse if I carried it everyday.

So here it is:

So we've got my summer purse
(I swear I am switching to my fall one today)
~~lotion, hand sanitizer, eye drops, Tylenol, my prescriptions, and actual script for a prescription I need to drop off.
~~Babies R Us coupons, lip gloss, credit card carrier I got from Sam Moon, and calendar
~~wallet, matching coin purse from Sam Moon, checkbooks, mirror, pens, extra contact, a mint, a tiny pair of scissors for emergencies, Carmax, a rock Zachary gave me, and movie stubs for "Fly Me To The Moon" where I wish I would have spent my time napping.

Off camera: trash

Ok here we have:
~~Toys R Us reward program I got into, Enfamil checks, coupon holder
~~pictures of the girls and 3 grocery lists
~~like 20 appointment cards from my OB and Peri's, a business card from Zachary's school, sunglasses, band-aid holder, wallet
~~HUGE pile of receipts, list of DVDs I want, phone number of a friend, pill holder, fake $ from Zachary's Sunday School class, note telling me the gate number of a friend I picked up from the airport, mirror (again), yellow ribbon pin, Abreva, Benedryl for Zachary in case he gets stung by an ant (he's allergic), and Tylenol cold.

And do you see an essential purse item that is missing? I'll give you a hint. I can't get far without them...that's right. My keys. Yes, do they stay in my purse so I can find them easily? Nope, they are across the room. I even bought a nifty thingy to hang them on the side of my purse so I don't loose them inside. Do I use it?? Heck, no, that would be easy, right?
And I tag anyone who has a messier purse than I do. Is there one out there? Who wants to take that challenge, hmmm???



Gary Puckett said...

I have a theory on women that relates to purses: when a woman is upset and starts bringing random issues from weeks, months, or years ago into the argument I call it "cleaning out her purse". She is bringing up all of the things that she has tucked away in her purse and something triggers her to start dumping it out. So now men can know why they are getting hit with a comment they said two weeks ago. They just got hit with an old stick of gum from her purse.

Sara said...

Haa! Wait...you may have a point there, honey. Actually, I think you are absolutely right. Isn't my man smart, ladies? What do you think? Agree with him?

monica said...

Wow that is a lot of stuff in your purse. I diffently can't bet that, I clean out my purse everyday that I carry it because I can't stand it being dirty!!

You are doing great on the posts. I was thinking ahead on what to post and I am running out of ideas. I need to start looking around to others peoples blogs!!

Soxy Deb said...

No my purse is much neater than that. I already did this challenge and everyone laughed at me, they assumed I cleaned it out first. I didn't, I just dont DO clutter.
You have no choice. You have babies and that entails lots of clutter (lol).
And was that really hubby!!?? Cause he is a genius with that theory.

Sara said...

Deb - Yep that is really hubby :-) He does know what he is talking about once in awhile. Dang, I hate it when he's right.

Cheryl Lage said...

You and your hubby are hysterical! I did the "cleaning out my purse" a few months ago...and ooooof. What a mess!

Thank you for making me feel a bit less "untidy!"

The Wilsons said...

That is too funny! I think he's right! You've been doing a heck of a job on posting! WOW! I can't keep up with them all!

Linda said...

A lot of those things look very familiar!! lol