Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

For the most part last week went according to plan, but just got changed up a little. I want to tell about how some of the recipes went last week so I am going to do that first.

Bar-B-Q Chicken on baked potatoes
After the chicken was almost done I drained all the gunk off. I chopped it, put more sauce with it and put it back in the Crockpot for a couple of hours. It was yummy, yummy good. I followed this recipe for the potatoes and they were the best baked potatoes I have ever had, no lie. They were super soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. I think I used a little too much oil. I used to use foil: NO MORE!! We ended up with no leftovers and we all wanted more of it, so I will cook more next time.

Brown Sugar Chicken with rice
This was the emotional purse dump day so we had leftover spaghetti, which is fine with everyone especially Zachary who could have it everyday. I will be making this one this next week.

So begins this week:

Monday: Brown Sugar Chicken with Rice
We are so anxious to try this that we are having it first. I got a comment that suggested more sauce so I will up the ingredients because I really want some sauce for my rice. Yummy!

Tuesday: Easy Pizza Pasta Casserole
I actually fixed this last night and halved it. One went in the freezer and one went in the fridge. Super easy!!

Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas
I got this super easy recipe from my friend Sarah.
Pull apart rotisserie chicken and put in into tortillas along with a spoonful of wolf brand chili and cheddar cheese. Roll 'em up and put chili on top along with more cheese. I used two cans of chili. I might try to chop a chicken breast next time. I was pretty grossed out by the whole pulling apart a chicken. Ugh! I made this one last night as well and it is all ready to pop in the oven 350 for 20 - 25 minutes. Yep, you can just call me Betty Crocker.

Thursday: White Chili
I have been making this for over 10 years now and I still love it! I am going to double it and freeze the other half for another time. It freezes wonderfully. I did read on Stephanie's Crockpot Blog to add white corn and I am SO doing that this time. Love that idea.

Friday: Tacos
We didn't get to have these last week because the girls got sick and we ended up doing leftovers, so we will have them this week.

Grocery Savings

This was definitely an off week for me. I needed a lot of things that were not on sale. That is just the way it goes sometimes with these things. I also had a little helper with me this week. It is hard to concentrate on everything with a chatterbox with me. Plus, he wanted to add some things to the basket also.

Spent: $157
Saved: $71
Savings of: 45%

I did not make it to CVS or Walgreens this last week which bums me out because there were great deals to be had there.

Also, some of you posted that you want to hear more about The Grocery Game. This site puts out a list every week that corresponds to the weekly ads. You can choose from many different grocery stores and drug stores like CVS. The list tells you where you can find a coupon to put with the sale. It could be from online or from the weekly newspapers. It also tells you what it considers to be a great deal and to stock up now. With the stockpiling system, you should never pay full price for something. Even if you don't need it now, get it when it is on sale and you have a coupon. When you do need it, it is there for you.

I will say this. It is not a perfect system. I sometimes have to buy something full price when I might have a coupon somewhere for it, but the game didn't see it as a deal worth putting on the list. It does not save me 90%-95% like some people. I average about 50% - 75% every trip. I am spending almost the same amount but I am getting so much more for my money. And it is time consuming. I spend about 3 hours a week shopping, clipping and researching online. But it is worth it to me if it means I am helping keep me home with the girls. And it is addicting. I love going into CVS and leaving with a bag of $100 worth of stuff for $50 plus money I can spend towards my next purchase. And nothing feels better than getting something for free!!

Happy Cooking!



Harris Boys said...

this is a really neat idea sara..too bad I'm not the cook in the family. I actually hate to cook. my mom is not happy about that.

the brown sugar chicken with rice sounds yummy!

Linda said...

Good for you with your planning and savings! I'm stealing some of your cooking ideas this week and am definitley making the brown sugar chicken.