Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When it pours...

It flippin' monsoons, people. Zachary complained about a sore throat last night and truthfully, I have never seen him more miserable than he was this morning when he woke up. So to the doctor today, ya know, because I hadn't seen her in sooo long. They did a throat swab (not so bad) and a nose swab (not fun at all! Eww!) and the verdict is in. He has the Flu...and Strep Throat. Seriously?!?

So when it rains (my emotional dumping), it pours (girls getting sick), and when it pours, it monsoons with Zachary getting sick. I can almost laugh about it, but it is more like a maniacal crazy laugh with my eye twitching. And before you get your panties in a wad, I am not laughing at the fact my little one is sick, no. Just at the timing of it all. You know, last week was almost easy. And oh yeah, he can go back to school... on Monday. ::sigh::

Ok now for some fun, right? I have to catch everyone up!! So here are a few pictures I wanted to share today about what has helped us to get through the last week.

Lifesaver Zachary who pushed the crying Olivia around and around the downstairs in her walker. She loved it! And more importantly, she forgot about her stomach cramps and her aching teeth.

Here is a close up of her face.
Having fun? or just dizzy?

I say having fun because the second, the very second
he would stop this is what she would do...

Another lifesaver: the exersaucer. They both love it, but Abby can actually turn herself around and play with all the toys. She can make the sounds go and everything! I was so surprised!

And here is a priceless picture I had to include:
Can you say Gerber Baby?

And this what she has started doing on the changing table

She is into everything; the lamp, the blinds, everything
She just twists around sideways and reeeaches her little hands around.

And Olivia started cereal...and she spits it out

And this is how she puts herself to sleep every night.
She pulls her blanket over her face then rubs it between her fingers.
So sweet!!

Alright, you got your cute fix...carry on



Soxy Deb said...

Definite cute fest going on over there - it's unfortunate that it's in conjunction with sick fest.

Love the Gerber Baby pic. That's a great shot!!

A Mommy I am said...

The gerber shot is one to save for when the boyfriends start coming around!

Rebecca said...

Strep throat AND the flu? I didn't know that could happen! I feel so bad for him. The pictures of the girls are adorable. How old were they when they started using the exersaucer? My Matthew loves to stand and can hold his head up well...I just don't know if it's time yet! Thanks for the pictures...they were my cute fix for the night!

Following Him said...

Fly and Strep, what a life-NOT! Hope he gets better soon!!!

Annie said...

I hope Zachary feel better soon. I like the lifesaver pictures, they are so cute.


monica said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. How miserable!! I am so sorry that everything has to happen at the same time. Next week will be easy again! Very cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hope Zachary feels better soon, poor guy! What a helper he is. I love the pics of him pushing Olivia around. We're thinking about you guys!

Harris Boys said...

OMG that gerber shot is pricless..look at that face, I love it!!!!

Ron and Aimee said...

Omg - your girls are getting into everything!! They totally remind me of mine! It's a far cry from the newborns we had a few months ago, huh? I'm jealous that you have Z to help you push the girls around and keep them entertained.

Lily buries her face in her bumper every night to fall asleep and it freaks me out. I always pull her away once she's sleeping.