Sunday, November 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last week went great with my plan. We did not eat out until Sunday evening! This is huge for us. Making things ahead of time to pop in the oven was such a great plan. The only thing is finding the time to do it on the weekend.

Review of the menu:
Monday: Brown sugar chicken
Zachary loved it. Gary and I liked it ok. The chicken was super juicy and the outside had a great flavor. I doubled the recipe of sauce and maybe I shouldn't have because it was super watery to put over the rice. I will make it again and try for a thicker sauce.

Tuesday: Pizza Pasta Casserole
Ehh...not my favorite. Gary and Zachary liked it ok. I may have to tweak it because it was super super easy.

Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas
One word - Yummy! Gary requested less chili next time and I may try sour cream inside.

We didn't get to the White Chili or the tacos again. We had leftovers which is great by me. I may have to start planning a night of leftovers.

So here we go for this week
I am going with old stand-bys this week because I am feeling a little like I shouldn't have had that burger yesterday. No, no, no it can't be the flu...please God...don't be the flu.

Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Sloppy Joes
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: White Chili
Friday: Breakfast for Dinner - Omelets

Grocery Savings

I haven't gone grocery shopping. I started pulling pictures out to scan for Facebook and it totally consumed my day yesterday, so I will go tonight hopefully. We also started turning the Dining Room into a playroom. And here's why...

Yes, this is our living room. ::sigh::


I didn't realize how little I drink throughout the day until I forced myself to have a measly 2 glasses of water a day, never mind the other 6 my body needs to function properly.

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Rebecca said...

Yeah...I think it's a good idea to turn your dining room into a play room! You need adult space!!! Hope you're feeling okay and good for you on the eating's so hard!