Friday, November 21, 2008

Neurotic thine name is Sara

Yes, I have been worried lately. Who am I worried about? You, my dear...and you...and you over there too. The thing is, I have a gob of posts I want to post, but I see from my live feed that the majority of you get here from your blog, especially my nestie friends. Not all, some come directly or from Google Reader, but those who come from blogs I am sure you have one of those nifty updates on your side bar that tells you I have updated my blog. But here's the deal. When you click to read it, it only shows you that one post. What if I have posted another that day, but you missed it?

::Burying my head under the table::

I know! I know!! World peace? No, I am worried you might miss a post from me. Like the one I posted several weeks ago and no one commented on it. I know it is because it got lost in the shuffle and not because no one wanted to comment on it. No I am not egotistical. But someone always comments and this was a very personal post about our IVF journey and I know that it just got missed.

So what do I do? I want to post about my shoes, my visit to a friend's house (cutest pictures ever!), the blog award I received, the money that is burning a hole in my pocket, the conversation I had with Zachary, not to mention this is Brag About Friday, but I feel like I can only post one a day so that no ones misses anything.

::just going ahead and crawling under the table::

I am sure this stems back to childhood in some way.


Friday Bragging will begin soon, in which you will just click straight to and miss this post altogether which is the whole point of the post...oh forget it.



Rebecca said...

Yes...childhood is a bitch, isn't it?

rachael said...

you could always put a little note at the bottom of the most recent post for the day that tells readers to check below for more new posts!

Souza Sisters said...

I must of missed the one about your IVF stuff... I promise to comment. Even if it's just to say hi:)

Sara said...

Ooo, good idea Rachel.

Linda said...

Well I dont' do that so I see all of your posts...if that makes you feel ANY better! LOL

Linda said...

Oh btw, I made the brown sugar chicken yesterday. I had the same thoughts as you. Thanks for the recipe!

monica said...

Sorry I didn't see the post about IVF - or didn't comment on it. I try to comment on everyone's blog that I read. If I am gone for a day or two I do read other posts just not the current one. I like Rachael's idea also.

Looking forward to Bragging Friday!

Harris Boys said...

I'm sorry know how crazy life gets. sorry no-one commented. we all love you though :)

Wishing 4 One said...

I click right over so I always see everything. Yeah for me!!! Waiting for pics patiently.... xoxoxox

The Wilsons said...

You are too funny. I totally missed it because life has been CRAZY lately, so I'm way behind on blogging. I'm vowing to be better and I will comment, I promise!!!

Soxy Deb said...

What is this?? Are you just looking to get lots of comments on this post?? That's what this is all about isn't it? (kidding)

I surely could have missed it cause sometimes I do just play catch up and only catch what newest. I admit it. Sorry about that. It doesn't mean I love you less, I just get so behind sometimes it's all I can do to catch back up.