Saturday, November 29, 2008


About a month or 2 ago we went visiting! It was one of Zachary's friend's birthdays. His mom is one of my best friend's. They live about an hour and a half away from us and we so wish it was closer. Casee and I worked together way back before there were kids. We got especially close when her little boy was born 6 months after Zachary and they became good friends. She also has a little girl who is 3. They even all went to the same in home daycare for a few years. We have been on vacations together to Port O'Connor, to bachlorette parties ( I refrained from posting a picture here, Casee), and to Vegas. We scrapbook and do crafts together. AND we miss each other very much :-(

Here we are at the jumphouse party

We went back to their house for a bit afterward.
Casee with Olivia

Zachary with Spencer
They had to try out the Alien making kit for themselves

Aubree with the girls

Aubree with Abigail
(Olivia was fussy, of course)

Hopefully we will get together again soon. We miss you guys!!



Harris Boys said...

those are such sweet pics of your friends daughter and the girls...too sweet!!

my bf lives 45 mins...I know how hard it is to hard them far away!

Rebecca said...

So cute...they look like they're great friends! Jumphouse? I am not looking forward to those should be called nuthouse!

San said...

Hiya, just blog-surfing when I came across your blog! Nice pictures... Your twins look so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I wish we were closer too!!! I sure did enjoy the visit, let's do it again soon!!