Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have been asleep for 5 hours. 5!! Gary is home today and I begged him to let me sleep for an hour. I begged needlessly. It wasn't like he was going to stop me. I just wanted him to know the severity of my need.for.sleep. He got it. He brought me Olivia after a few of hours and she slept for another 2 hours with me. She needed that as much as I did. She is not a good daytime sleeper. She sleeps maybe 30 minutes at a time still.

Things are a bit better round here. Zachary is feeling a touch better. We are getting a new antibiotic after about an hour of trying to get him to take that stupid amoxicillion (sp?). When he would have to take it as a baby, he would throw up after every dose. A night.mare.

Well, it isn't that much different this time around. Last time we got it in a liquid and had to add water to it for him to be able to stomach it. This time we were brilliant and got it in chewable tablets. Note to self: Do not get something that makes your child gag that he then has to CHEW UP and totally taste. Plus, the whole getting stuck in his teeth thing activated the gag reflex, not good, not good. So we mixed it with applesauce, which masked it, but to someone with his...ahem...sensitivity to this medicine, well, not good not good at all. I broke it up for him to swallow whole. No, he might be able to taste a little of it. I wrapped it in cheese. No, he could see a teeny tiny bit of it which meant that it might maybe touch his tongue. So forget it, just get another flippin' antibiotic for the poor kid!

I have to say though, can you imagine getting the flu AND strep throat at the same time. Poor thing! He is miserable. I have never seen him so sick. :-( And yes, he did get that flu mist stuff before you all think I didn't do my motherly duty. But truthfully? I hate that flu shot crap. I didn't get 1. And apparently, it did Zachary no good to get it.

And it occurred to me yesterday that I didn't post about the girls Dr appointment on Monday. Our pedi said this could last for another week. There really isn't anything she can do. We are giving them cereal with banana and feeding them less formula more frequently. Today was the first time their diapers were anything other than liquid. Ewww!! Sorry!! Abigail has gained 4 oz since a few weeks ago and Olivia has not gained anything. So they are now a little over 2 lbs different in weight.

I usually play along with Way Back When-esday but this may be it for today.



Soxy Deb said...

I sure hope everyone gets to feeling well again soon. It hurts my heart for kids to be feeling puny.
And YAY for you getting 5 whole hours of sleep!! Gary deserves a special treat for that *winkwink*

Sara said...

Yes, he does Deb. And I know he won't argue with it!

Cheryl Lage said...

Bless ALL of your hearts!
Here's hoping that this Wednesday will feel "way back" soon!

Hang in there, Sweetie!

Harris Boys said...

5 hours of sleep...I know you needed it. give that daddy a big squeeze tonight!!!

hope everyone is feeling better soon.

rachael said...

so happy to hear you got some sleep! i hope that everyone is feeling much better very, very soon!

The Wilsons said...

I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!!!