Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell

Happy Halloween!!
I know they look miserable but really they did great walking around.
Olivia even fell asleep before he got back home.

Here they are smiling in their costumes.
Olivia was more interested in chewing on hers.

Zachary spent his Halloween at his dad's house, so we went around with our neighbors.
Here she is with the girls.

We were stopped over and over by people who were just cooing all over the girls.
We didn't mind a bit :-)

I have read several blogs where this was the case and I am not sure if it was everywhere but we had a surprising lack of trick or treaters this year. We returned home after only a trip around the block because the girls were practically asleep. We didn't want to push our luck. We had maybe 10-12 children. Not sure what that was about. How was your Halloween??



Cheryl Lage said...

LOVE your in-stroller bouquet! ;) What a cute crew. :)

Will add you to the NaBloPoMo friends list on my sidebar...looking forward to hearing your thankfulness stories!

Amber and Matt said...

So uber cute!!!

Souza Sisters said...

OMG love the costumes!! They look sooo cute!

monica said...

Love the flowers! Very cute!

Annie said...

Lovely bouquet. They look so cute. We went for trick or treat in the afternoon to the shopping center and there were a lot of children. Later that night in our community there were fewer kids than other years. But still they had fun.


SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh -- SO CUTE!! I love the costumes -- adorable!

More Than Just a Mommy said...

We went to my parents where all of Dallas goes to trick or treat we handed out 5 yes I said 5 paper grocery bags of candy giving 1 to 2 peices per trick or treater. We usually hand out candy until 9:30 but we were out of candy by 8:45! Love your sweet flowers!

rachael said...

too cute, i love those little flowers and supergirl :)