Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Aww.. I don't care how corny it is, I love to be tagged. I got tagged by Debbie and Annie for this one. I met Debbie on The Nest Multiples Message Board. This is another one of those good friends on-line, but I know that if we lived closer together she and I would be great friends in real life too. She has two cute cute twin girls and I love reading about them. Annie is my reader from Puerto Rico. She also has cute twin girls. She does a great job doing both Spanish and English on her blog.

1. Link to the person who tagged you. - Souza Sisters and Santiago Twin Girls
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you. - see below
3. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Here goes:
1. I am a story spoiler
~ I spoil movies for myself. In fact, I go to MovieSpoiler.com and read about movies all the time. If I know for a fact I will be seeing the movie then I will refrain but those are few and far between. I just don't have the time to sit and watch movies anymore but I do like to know about them. I read the end of books as well. These two things frustrate Gary to no end. He actually started me on Movie Spoilers because he refused to tell me how "Million Dollar Baby" ended. So I found out on my own much to his disgust. I was flipping ahead in a book one time and he actually told me to "Respect the book!!" Heh Heh

2. I am an Ebay fan
~ I buy and sell on ebay constantly. It can actually get addicting and if you are not careful you will just start searching the house for random things to sell. My biggest sale was a set of 10 USED pages of Trend brand Scratch and sniff stickers from the 80's. You remember those? They had pictures of food on them like popcorn and root beer. Yeah, they sold for $95. That was a great moment.

3. I was a Donald Duck collector
~ Until #2 happened and I sold the whole collection on Ebay. I started collecting in high school and I had just carted it from house to house in boxes and I was just done with it! I sold about 100 pieces for close to $600 to people from all over the world. One miniature Donald that was less than an inch tall sold for $8. Crazy what people will pay.

4. I was a sensitive child
~ When I was a little girl I thought everything had feelings. When I was allowed to choose a toy I would wrestle within myself over which toy to take. I didn't want any of them to feel left out or abandoned. I also worried about taking them away from their "families" that were on the shelf. God forbid you actually suggest I get rid of one of my own toys. Once my brother and I got rocks (yes, people, ROCKS!) from our driveway to throw out the back of the pickup. I threw only a few of mine and sprinkled them back in their home when I got back. Even as an adult I have thoughts about letting a fly out of my car window. He is a long way from where he got in, you know? Oy! I know, I need help.

5. I love the beach
~ For some people it is the mountains, for others it is the desert; for me there is just something about the beach and the ocean. It touches my soul in a way that just settles a peace over me. I went to Port O'Conner the summer of my divorce and I think that is what started it for me. I just felt my tension melt away when I could hear the sound of the waves. This is the first year that I haven't been to the beach since then and I really really missed it. I would like to retire to a beach somewhere.

6. When I asked Gary for an idea here he suggested that I tell you that I am argumentative. I immediately said "Nuh Uh!" which only confirmed his point, dang it.

7. I am a haggler
~ I actually enjoy haggling over the price of a car. When I bought my car a few years ago, I haggled for hours over the price. We finally left at 11:00 p.m. with the price I wanted.

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Feel free to use whatever subject you wish. If you only blog about your kids then tell us random facts about them or your pregnancy. Just play along!



monica said...

That told us a lot about you! Great to get to know you. I love the ebay one. I also like ebay and have some stuff on it also.

Thanks for the tag. I did this before a while back..I am sure I have more weird things about me that I can post though!

Souza Sisters said...

I need to check out eBay... I think if we lived closer we would be good friends too:) Can I just say your blog ROCKS!! I love coming over here and seeing what you are up too!! Plus your kids are too cute!! I love the pix of your and Z (the one where he's squeezing your face). Too cute!!

Annie said...

Great job. Sarah, I like your blog a lot and I want to be your blog friend.

Sara said...

Aw...thanks Annie. You are my bloggy friend :-)

Soxy Deb said...

To me these are always a neat way to learn something new about my bloggy buddies.
I love #6. Too funny!! =)

Rebecca said...

Ditto on the beach...love it. I lived 5 houses away from it on the Jersey Shore for 3 years...then I moved a mile away...now I am completely landlocked and hating it! We haven't been the to the beach in so long b/c of fertility issues and then pregnancy...we're booking a vacation this summer or I'm outta here!

Ron and Aimee said...

I'm so impressed with your ebay sale of the stickers! I'm too lazy to sell stuff. I tried to sell a bunch of baby stuff I don't need anymore on Craigslist, but never sold any of it and was too lazy to go back and lower the price.

Anonymous said...

How did you haggle that well over price? I must know your secret. I am horrible at haggling. I really am a push over at times.