Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell - Happiness Abounds

Cheryl over at Twinspiration gave me this fabulous award. Thank you so so much Cheryl!! Her blog is so great, so if you get a minute go check her out and send her some bloggy love.

The rules are simple.

A.) List six things that make you happy.
B.) Pass the award along to six more bloggers.

I am going to follow suit with her in how she goes about doing this award. You can tell the normal things make me happy; family, my home, etc. I am going to share 6 very simple items that make me truly a happier person. Yes, they are small nothings, but I would sorely miss them if they left.

#1 - Requirements for a warm snuggle on the couch
My sweatshirt blanket and my warm fuzzy socks.

I am not a cold weather person. I love mild weather. Granted Texas does not really have a Winter full of snow, but where we live is like a wind tunnel. I can't even put anything on my front porch without it being blown over. My scarecrow is laying over onto a porch chair as we speak. Hey, he was tired! Anyhoo, back on track here!...I love my sweatshirt blanket. It is made of sweatshirt material. Oh heaven!! And those socks keep my feet toasty warm, along with keeping myself entertained on the hardwood floors by slipping and sliding away. I have about 10 pair and love them!

#2 - Requirements of a Soothing Shower
Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Wash from Bath and Body Works
Satsuma Body Wash from The Body Shop A Loofah Scrubby
Steam - lots of steam
I use the Vanilla all throughout the fall and winter months. Vanilla just smells like fall and winter to me. It is such a comfort thing for me. Then I move onto Satsuma during the summer months. It is summer in a bottle. I looked high and low for a citrus fragrance I love. Some were too lemony or too limey and don't get me started on grapefruit (eww!), but this is the perfect blend of orangey sunshine. I can't explain it :-) And I always used a loofah such as this one.

#3 Kirkland's Home Store

And not just any Kirkland's Home store...this is my very own one in my town. It is the best. Others in the franchise tend to be a little trashy, but this one is great about keeping the store kept up and not cluttered. What's more is that the new displays are put front and center, then they move back to the middle row to make room for the new ones. If things you love have been moved to the third row, you know you had better grab them fast or else you might miss them. I love this store. You know how you find that one store that matches your style perfectly? That is this store for me. I could spend thousands in there!

#4 - Snacks in which ice is a major ingredient.

This is more of a summer thing but I still love them. Anything that has crushed, shaved, or blended ice in it. Icees, Sno-cones, Frapachinos, Slushies, anything. Plain ice is even better. Yum!

#5 My Notebooks and Pens

These are just examples of some of the ones I have. I probably have about 20 empty notebooks just waiting for me to fill with lists and such. Will this keep me froom buying more? Nope!

Oooo, I have two more that I have to share so...

#6 Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Have you ever had these wonderful little bites of fruity goodness? And not just fruit! Root Beer, Popcorn, Peppermint, Coffee, Bubble Gum, it goes on and on. And the recipes?? Oh yes, you can pop a Buttered Popcorn and 2 Blueberry in your mouth for the taste of a blueberry muffin. OR you want a Mud Pie? Just throw in 2 Chocolate Pudding, 2 Peanut Butter, and 1 Cappuccino. Speaking of Peanut Butter, you can have a PB&J by throwing in a PB and a Grape. YUM!! My personal favs are Pear, Dr. Pepper, Island Punch, and Red Apple. Great fun can be had by digging into a bag full and pulling out one with your eyes closed. Pop it in and guess the flavor. Yes...Good times...good times.

And #6 1/2
Fruity Lip Gloss

I used to eat these when I was little. Now, I just like to spread them on before bed, or when I am out and about. I have many lip balm, gloss, chap stick kinds of things; ever searching for the perfect blend of feel, taste or smell and the softness they bring to my lips. I have to admit, I haven't found it yet. Do you have one that works for you? Share it!

Ok now I bestow this great award on 6 of by bloggy friends. I think your blog is super creative.

Katie at The Harris Boys - She is a master at the camera and capturing special moments.
Linda at Twice the Love - I love how she shares her stories about her precious twins.
Rebecca at Unexplained Infertility - She is a newbie to my blog and I have discovered how hilarious she is!
Sililoquy at She Just Had To Say It - You have to cath up on her and her husband's ongoing debaticle over when to put up their Christmas tree. And if you want to hear an embarrassing story about a baby monitor and an afternoon quickie click here. Oh hilarious!
Tanya at A Day in my Life - How can I not give this one to her even though I am sure she already has gotten it many times.
Annie at Santiago Girls - I love how she puts it in English so I can read it too.
And lastly Deb at Postcards from the Edge - I know you have already gotten this, but I would love to hear your simple pleasures list. :-)

If you don't want to do the simple pleasures one and have a better list then go for it! Romantic, Cooking, Crafts, whatever!! Just have fun and pass it on :-)

I sometimes do Sunday Show and Tell. The fabulous Mel at Stirrup Queens started it all. Her blog is a wonderland of Infertility information and other fun stuff.

Happy Sunday All!



battynurse said...

looks like some great little things.

Harris Boys said...

oh, oh, oh...thanks!!! I love awards...might be tomorrow or the next before I get around to it, but thanks!!!

Annie said...

Thanks Sarah, during the week I will post my happiness list.

Linda said...

Thanks Sara! I'm going to get on it right away. It's a fun topic. :-)

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I need to work on this...this requires some thinking...I will do it though...have no fear!

Wishing 4 One said...

I love all 6 things too...yeah! And yes your blog is awlays so kreative and awesome!!!

* TONYA * said...

THANK YOU so much. How wonderful. You know, I didn't have this award until tonight and now I have it from 2 people ha ha. I'm so excited.