Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell

So I am going to catch everyone up as much I can before I have to change runny diapers.

I am totally bragging today...

First of all

Another tooth lost. This one was hanging on by next to nothing.

But would he let me pull it? No WAY! So he lost it in the middle of the night last Friday night and swallowed it. This would be the second tooth he has swallowed and the second note to the tooth fairy explaining why his tooth was not under the pillow.

About 6 months ago Gary and Zachary planted his watermelon seeds in a pot inside and when they became too big in the Spring they planted them my flower bed!! Ok, people, I was not happy when Gary came in and told me he planted them right next to my pretty flowers, I mean, come on. But he assured me that they wouldn't grow and blah blah blah. This summer I noticed that the vines now snaked their way throughout the whole side of my flower garden. Hmph...still nothing will actually grow right? Imagine our surprise when we went outside and this is what we saw.


So we immediately begin watering them more frequently and hope that we will enjoy the fruits of our ignoring labors soon.

Abby rolled over!!! Last Friday!! I have been meaning to post about it all week but just haven't gotten to it yet. She rolled from her tummy to her back and we got it on video! Olivia watched from nearby and didn't look particularly impressed. I tried to get pictures of it but she hasn't done it since because of the whole teething, pooping, throwing up thing.

This is all I have time for for now :-( but more pics of the girls coming soon.



rachael said...

way to roll! :) and congrats on the tooth loss!

Harris Boys said...

yay for teeth...too funny he has swallowed two...hope the tooth fairy still

Soxy Deb said...

OMG he swallowed his tooth? Or teeth? That's funny once, but to do it twice? He's gonna grow a tooth tree (lol).

And WAY TO GO Abby!! You little rockstar you!!
Your turn Olivia...

Rebecca said...

I didn't think a watermelon could grow from that either! You must have the magic touch. Say hello to the tooth fairy...I'm sure he/she gets these kinds of stories all the time. Congrats on the rolling!

NikkiPM said...

OMG! I have had the exact same situation take place at my house with the damned watermelon vines....the 3 tiny vines Matt planted, in amongst my flowers, would not get too large, etc the stupid things stretch like 12 feet across our backyard and we have to mow around them......I'm just stopping there!

Annie said...

Oh God, he swallowed two teeth, that's funny.

I laugh reading the story of the watermelon.